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Cardiac Surgery and Minimally Invasive Procedures Resources & FAQs

At Virginia Mason Franciscan Health, your heart care doesn’t end when the surgery does. Excellent follow-up care is essential to your best recovery, which is why we offer education, support and counseling you need as you get back on your feet.

Recovering from heart surgery

All heart surgery is major surgery, even if you’ve had a minimally invasive procedure. You may experience physical and emotional stresses that accompany your recovery. Together, we can acknowledge and address these difficulties.

During recovery, it’s important to remember to be patient. While everyone’s experience is different, recovery always takes time. Our board-certified surgeons, advanced practice clinicians (APC), nurses and other health care providers will take care of you and help you understand the next steps in your recovery.

Help us care for you

After you go home, there are some things you’ll need to do to help us help you recover. You’ll receive instructions on:

  • Caring for your incision
  • When to take pain medication
  • When you can return to normal activities, including work
  • Signs and symptoms that require you to return to your provider for medical attention

Whether you have questions about how to manage your health after surgery, or you’re looking for a safe environment to talk to others with your condition about your struggles, we have what you need. Our many classes, support groups and other programs are designed for people like you on their way to recovery.

Cardiac rehabilitation

You don?t have to face recovery alone. Our cardiac rehabilitation programs offer structure, support and goal-oriented help for those living with heart failure or recovering from a heart attack or surgery. From guided exercise to counseling for stress and depression, we can help you create a brighter future for yourself.

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