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Integrative Medicine & Therapies for Cancer

At Virginia Mason Franciscan Health, we understand the importance of caring for the whole person. That’s why we offer integrative medicine, which offers a balanced, holistic approach to health. Complementary and alternative medicine, also known as integrative health therapies, provide healing support that enhances conventional medicine. These therapies can reduce pain and stress and help create a sense of calm.

Complementary and alternative health services available

We offer wellness and recovery through medical services that fall outside standard approaches to care. Some of these methods may be used to supplement conventional care (complementary medicine), while others may be used as a replacement for conventional techniques (alternative medicine).

Our complementary and alternative medicine services may include:

  • Acupuncture helps relieve pain, nausea, stress and other side effects (Virginia Mason Medical Center only).
  • Aromatherapy helps alleviate pain, nausea, stress and sleep difficulties during treatment.
  • Art therapy enables you to express emotions on your journey toward healing.
  • Botanical medicine (herbal therapy) can help you effectively use plants to positively impact health (Virginia Mason Medical Center only).
  • Diet modification strategically targets specific health issues, which can make a world of difference in your life (Virginia Mason Medical Center only).
  • Massage therapy, performed by licensed massage therapists, manages symptoms such as pain, postoperative discomfort, anxiety, depression, stress, fatigue and sleep problems (Virginia Mason Medical Center only).
  • Nutritional supplement advice helps you target supplemental therapies to achieve your specific goals (Virginia Mason Medical Center only).
  • Pet therapy can boost mood and ease stress levels.
  • Relaxation exercises, such as breathing exercises, meditation, mindfulness, guided imagery and visualization, help manage pain perception and stress.
  • Therapeutic music and drumming offer soothing comfort.
  • Yoga optimizes healing with breathing techniques, gentle movement, mindfulness and meditation.

Explore our healing gardens

You’ll find a place of solace and healing beyond the hospital room in our healing gardens. We offer music players and a wide selection of tranquil music to soothe the soul. Our beautiful healing gardens are located in:

  • Burien: St. Anne Hospital 
  • Enumclaw: St. Elizabeth Hospital
  • Federal Way: St. Francis Hospital
  • Gig Harbor: Snuffin Healing Garden at St. Anthony Hospital
  • Lakewood: St. Clare Hospital Healing Garden
  • Silverdale: The Healing Garden
  • Tacoma: St. Joseph Medical Center