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Calypso System for Treating Prostate Cancer

Targeting prostate cancer—the Calypso® System

The Calypso® 4D Localization System enables our team to deliver highly precise radiation, targeting tumors and preserving healthy tissue. Our prostate cancer clinic is the second cancer treatment facility in the Pacific Northwest with this advanced technology.

About the Calypso System

The Calypso System uses radiofrequency waves that allow very accurate alignment of your prostate before each treatment session and at all times during treatment delivery. This approach significantly improves the ability to target radiation to your tumor, avoiding unnecessary radiation to healthy tissues such as the bladder and rectum.

The Calypso localization and tracking system works with three Beacon® transponders, wireless electromagnetic circuits about the size of a grain of rice, that are implanted in the prostate. This enables physicians to:

  • Locate the tumor's position
  • Guide the therapist to set up the treatment continuously through radiation therapy
  • Tailor treatment delivery to trigger the beam on and off to ensure the tumor is accurately aligned throughout the treatment

A Beacon® transponder

How it works

1. In an outpatient procedure, like a biopsy, three tiny Beacon® electromagnetic transponders are implanted into your prostate. Each is about as small as a grain of rice.


Transponders placed in prostate

2. The transponders communicate with the Calypso System using safe radiofrequency waves


Calypso System communicating with transponders

3. Your prostate is monitored during treatment, showing exactly where the tumor is all the time so important decisions about your care can be made.

For more information about use of the Calypso System for targeted radiation therapy for prostate cancer treatment, please talk with your physician or contact Virginia Mason Franciscan Health's section of Radiation Oncology at 206-223-6801