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Bariatric Surgery Qualifications?

Bariatric surgery can result in a major transformation, but it requires preparation and dedication. The bariatrics team at Virginia Mason Franciscan Health is here to help you prepare, physically and emotionally, for your weight loss journey.  

Get started by taking the next step to see if you meet the medical criteria for weight loss surgery.

Bariatric surgery qualifications

You may qualify for weight loss surgery if you have a: 

Other bariatric surgery considerations

Other things to consider before deciding to have weight loss surgery include: 

  • Have you tried to lose weight with diet, exercise and medication? 
  • Have you checked with your insurance provider or do you have a financial plan for this surgery? 
  • Are you ready to permanently change your eating and exercise habits after surgery? 
  • Do you feel you have realistic expectations about the results of surgery based on discussions with your care team? 
  • Do you have the support of family and friends to help you during recovery and beyond? 
  • Do you understand the risks and benefits of weight loss surgery?

Types of weight loss surgery

Our fellowship-trained bariatric surgeons specialize in a range of weight loss surgeries. We perform surgery using minimally invasive techniques, including robotic-assisted and laparoscopic surgery, so you recover faster and with less pain. Learn more about what to expect from surgery or the different types of procedures we offer: 

Non-surgical weight loss

If you aren’t a candidate for weight loss surgery or don’t feel ready for surgery yet, we’re still here to help. We offer a range of medical weight loss services, such as nutritional counseling and FDA-approved weight loss medications. We also offer the gastric balloon, an endoscopic (non-surgical) procedure for weight loss.

Are you a candidate?

We invite you to take the next step to find out more about your weight loss options.