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Weight Loss Success Stories

Meet real people who regained their health with bariatric surgery at Virginia Mason Franciscan Health. Our skilled surgeons and supportive care team guide you through every phase of your weight loss journey.

  • Mother and daughter Mohria and Breanna struggled to do the activities they loved because of their weight. Bariatric surgery and the supportive care they received at Virginia Mason Franciscan Health helped them achieve their health goals. Now they can hike with the rest of their family – and stay at the front of the pack.

  • Sam is a professional pilot. But when he was told he could no longer fly planes due to his weight, he knew he needed to make a change for the better. Bariatric surgery helped him get his health and the job he loves back on track.

  • Mother and daughter Rita and Kayla discovered the physical and mental benefits of major weight loss. Bariatric surgery helped them lose the weight that was making everyday activities feel like chores. And they’re enjoying feeling good about themselves again.

  • Captain Randy loved spending hours on the open water in his charter boat. But simply walking from the boat ramp onto his boat became a struggle due to obesity. He was also on multiple medications to manage weight-related health conditions. Bariatric surgery helped him drop the weight, reduce his medications and regain control of his health.

  • Stephany’s rheumatoid arthritis was making everyday activities difficult — and her weight was making joint pain worse. She decided to have gastric bypass surgery to help relieve some of her symptoms. After losing 137 pounds, Stephany has the energy and confidence she needs to keep up with her new puppy.

  • Dina tried all kinds of diets and exercise programs to lose weight. Eventually she made the decision to have weight loss surgery. Dr. Troy Houseworth and the team at the Center for Weight Management at St. Francis Hospital in Federal Way helped Dina on the road to a healthier life.

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