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Medical Weight Loss

We know that major weight loss can be difficult to achieve on your own. At Virginia Mason Franciscan Health, you have the ongoing support and guidance of an expert team. We design medical weight loss plans tailored to your preferences and goals.

Non-surgical weight loss: Why choose us?

Our comprehensive Center for Weight Management in the Puget Sound area offers: 

  • Team approach: You receive the coordinated input of multiple weight loss experts. A team of medical weight loss doctors, advanced practice providers, nurses and registered dietitians work together to deliver complete care.

  • Innovative treatments: Our medical weight loss providers bring you the latest treatment for effective weight loss. We offer a variety of ways for you to get the results you want, from FDA-approved medications to non-surgical endoscopic procedures.
  • Support at every step: We guide you through your weight loss journey, helping you celebrate successes and overcome setbacks. Support groups and one-on-one counseling with your registered dietitian help you stay on track.

  • Personalized care: Your weight loss plan should be unique to you. We carefully design a realistic and sustainable diet and exercise plan that fits your lifestyle, schedule and eating habits.

Our medical weight loss services and treatments

We combine our weight-loss services and treatments to build a plan that works for you. Our experienced team focuses on helping you reduce weight-related health risks and achieve long-term wellness. Learn about what you can expect at your first weight loss consultation.

  • It’s no secret that diet and exercise — and the right mindset — are key to weight loss. But changing your lifestyle and behaviors to incorporate healthier habits can be challenging. We work with you to select foods and activities you enjoy so your path to weight loss is more gratifying. 

    Registered dietitians provide:

    • Behavior modification techniques
    • Exercise program recommendations
    • Lifestyle coaching and education
    • Meal replacement plans
    • Nutrition counseling and monitoring
    • Referrals to behavioral health counseling
  • Prescription weight loss medication can be a powerful tool combined with an effective diet and exercise plan. Even a modest weight loss can lower your risk of Type 2 diabetes and other weight-related health concerns. 

    We offer a variety of FDA-approved weight loss injections and oral medications that work in different ways. They can help: 

    • Block fat digestion
    • Control stress-related binge eating
    • Increase feeling of fullness
    • Reduce hunger
    • Speed up metabolism

    While weight loss medication is effective, many insurance companies do not cover these treatments. Check with your insurance provider to find out if you have coverage for weight loss medication.

  • We specialize in non-surgical endoscopic weight loss as an alternative to medication and surgery. The gastric balloon procedure is performed through the mouth and doesn’t require incisions. Learn more about endoscopic weight loss using a gastric balloon.

Talk with an endoscopic gastric balloon weight loss specialist

We invite you to find out more about your weight loss options. You can also browse our medical weight loss FAQs.