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Volunteer for the Organization

A Patient Family Partner (PFP) Volunteer participates with medical and administrative staff as an equal partner to improve health care at Virginia Mason Franciscan Health.

FranciDr. Scott Helton, MD, FACS, was joined by his patient Mary Cranny to improve processes in the pancreatic cancer center. Mary's contribution as a Patient Family Partner was critical to improving the work. Since that first experience Mary has joined other workgroups to improve processes at Virginia Mason.

Mary's advice to all patients is to get involved because "our patient experience and voice matter at Virginia Mason Franciscan Health. Together we are transforming health care!"

Process Improvement Workshops

This Patient Family Partner volunteer role invites you to be an equal team member with our staff on improvement workshops. Our staff are excused from their regular duties to gather in a workshop setting to study and better understand processes that improve patient care. You will be representing the patient-family perspective. Time commitment ranges from one to five days.

Focus Group or Panel Member

Individuals would participate in a one-time meeting sharing their story, providing feedback, suggestions or solutions on a particular topic.

Patient Education Reviewer

Review patient/family educational or marketing communication materials for readability, simplicity and understandability. Emails come intermittently.

Committee Member

Come share your patient or family perspectives on a variety of committees or guiding teams that plan services throughout Virginia Mason Franciscan Health. Examples are: safety, quality or guiding teams planning Kaizen improvement work within a specialty area.

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This is a great way to keep my mind sharp and help improve Virginia Mason in my years since retirement. Being a part of Process Improvement Workshops is a cool and interesting way to give back.


I feel like a consultant who gets to advocate for patients whose voices otherwise might not be heard. I know being a part of this team improves my care and those that follow me.


Phil was instrumental as a team member on an RPIW (Rapid Process Improvement Workshop) focusing on the information flow of admissions to the hospital. He brought a perspective both as a patient and background in the health care industry. Phil challenged the team to think differently on a process where many were stuck in current ways. He works collaboratively to be a part of the solutions that move us forward.

Val, RN