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Our Mission

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Our donors come from all walks of life, contributing gifts of every size, to help us deliver the very best care to the communities we serve.


St. Anne Hospital Foundation engages our community so that everyone has access to exceptional health care close to home.

Foundation donors come through for St. Anne Hospital

Over the past year, Foundation donors have given generously to a variety of St. Anne programs. Recently, the Foundation published an updated Gratitude Report that highlights many of the ways our donors have joined us in ensuring everyone has access to exceptional health care close to home.


Everyone who lives in our community will experience excellent, compassionate care because St. Anne Hospital has the generous support of our community for the resources it needs to enhance and save lives.

St. Anne Hospital Foundation brings our community together to support exceptional health care, close to home, for all who need it. Thanks to the generosity of our caring neighbors and friends, we help ensure that St. Anne Hospital has the resources it needs to save lives and keep people healthy. The Foundation is the conduit between the hospital and our community, giving caring residents a way to support the health and wellness of their friends and neighbors while preserving this vital resource for the overall economic vitality of our community.

Unlike many community hospitals, St. Anne receives no local tax funds to support is operations. Donation to the Foundation help bridge the gap between what patient care revenues can support and what it take to provide truly outstanding care. A state-of-the-art emergency room, advanced technology for breast cancer detection, a modern cardiac cath lab, robotic-assisted surgery- these are just of a few of the medical innovations that donor gifts to the Foundation have provided to our community.

St. Anne Hospital Foundation was established in 1981 as a 501 (C) (3) nonprofit organization.

St. Anne Hospital Foundation