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St. Anne Health Connections

St. Anne Hospital Foundation has partnered with the medical center on an innovative new program to help members of our community who are unprepared to face health issues. Modeled after several national programs, including a project in Camden, New Jersey, our program saw its first participants in January, 2015.

With initial funding from community leaders and a grant CHI Mission & Ministry Fund in summer 2015, St. Anne Health Connections program has helped more than 170 participants take daily steps to get healthier — signing up for health insurance, transportation to the provider’s office, financial help with prescriptions or medical supplies they otherwise couldn’t afford.

An integrated care team collaborates with each patient’s primary care physician and others to ensure optimal outcomes and a smooth transition to the community setting. The team addresses the patient’s needs (medical, mental health, substance abuse, social services, housing, transportation, food, low health care literacy, etc.) in an integrated, holistic manner.

The program’s purpose is to improve health care outcomes for these vulnerable patients, reduce St. Anne's costs of caring for them, and improve the overall health of our community. St. Anne Health Connections bridges the gaps in our systems and connects patients to services and resources for better health.

The program received a 2016 Silver Community Health Leadership Award from the Washington State Hospital Association for its groundbreaking work to put participants in the driver’s seat of improving their health.