Billing Frequently Asked Questions

1. If my insurance company has a co-payment requirement, can I wait for Virginia Mason to bill me after my insurance processes?
Virginia Mason expects co-payment amounts to be paid at the time of service. Please be prepared to pay your co-payment when you check in.

2. When is payment of my bill expected?
When you are contacted before your service to confirm insurance and address information, you will be told if there are deductible or co-insurance amounts that you will owe or if there are any outstanding balances for prior services. You will be given the opportunity to make payment or payment arrangements during the privacy of this call. You may also be asked for payment on any outstanding balance when you arrive for your appointment. Payment in full is expected by the due date on your statement unless you establish a payment plan.

3. What if I cannot pay my bill by the due date?
You should contact Patient Account Services, at 206-223-6601, to discuss a payment plan.

4. If I cannot afford to pay the bill I receive, are there any options?
Please contact Patient Account Services, 206-223-6601, to discuss payment options for our Financial Assistance Program.

5. Can I dispute how my insurance paid my claim?
If you believe your insurance company did not pay for your services properly, please call your insurance company first.

You have the right to appeal any decision made by your insurance company. Simply call the number on your insurance card or on the Explanation of Benefits provided by your insurance company. Your insurance company can advise you of its dispute procedures.

6. How do I dispute my bill with Virginia Mason?
You can write us at:

Virginia Mason
P.O. Box 24163
Seattle, WA 98124-8859
Fax: 206-515-5803

You must put your dispute in writing to preserve your rights. Please provide the following information:

  • Patient name and account number
  • Provider and date of service or invoice/visit number of suspected error
  • Description of what you think is incorrect

You do not have to pay the amount in question while we investigate, but you are still obligated to pay all amounts not in dispute. While we review your concern, we will not take any action to collect the amount in question.

7. Why have I received two different bills for the same visit at Virginia Mason?
The 'Statement of Clinic Services' describes charges for services rendered by providers (physicians and/or other health care professionals) at Virginia Mason. The 'Statement of Hospital Services' describes charges for facility-related services rendered at our Hospital & Seattle Medical Center. These services may include inpatient and/or outpatient care.

8. There is a doctor's name on my bill I don't recognize. Why is this?
There are several reasons you may not recognize a doctor's name that appears on your bill. If the service being billed is for reading an X-ray or a pathology report, or for the doctor who gave you anesthesia, your bill will have the name of the doctor who performed these services. You may not have met with these doctors during your visit, but they are an important part of the medical team.

9. Why am I receiving a bill for services conducted at your hospital, when I was seen at one of the regional medical centers?
There are different types of services, such as reading lab tests or X-rays, that are sent to our hospital for analysis or interpretation. These services are billed separately from the services provided at the regional medical centers.

10. How is a charge set for my services?
Charges are determined using a combination of three factors:

  1. Costs to perform the service
  2. Market competitiveness: competitor prices and availability of services in the marketplace
  3. Reimbursement rates: amounts to be paid under health plan contracts

Prices are reviewed annually for appropriateness and reasonableness. Additional reviews are done on an ad hoc basis as new information is identified related to any of the three factors.

In person

Financial Navigators at
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By phone

TTY: 206-344-7984
Mon - Thurs: 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Friday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

By email

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Virginia Mason
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