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Accountable Health Network

Information regarding accepted Accountable Health Network (AHN) (Offered via Regence) insurance plans.

Contact your health insurance plan for information on covered services before your appointment.

Accountable Health Network (AHN) Insurance Plans

Federal Program

  • Effective Jan. 1, 2018, Virginia Mason will no longer be available for selection under Regence AHN. Even though Virginia Mason will no longer be an in-network provider, we will accept APPROVED referrals for specialty care. We will also accept patient self-referrals for specialty care. It is important to note however, if you are self-referring, your services provided within Virginia Mason may not be covered by your program and you may be financially responsible for all charges.

    Network Selection
           Virginia Mason is out-of-network.

    Can I select a Virginia Mason primary care provider with this insurance plan?

    Does this plan require pre-approval to see a specialist?

    General Comments
    * Regence AHN includes Evergreen Health Partners, University of Washington (UW), Multicare or Everett Clinic.

    • * Virginia Mason is considered as out-of-network. However, Virginia Mason will accept PCP initiated, insurance approved referrals for specialty care.
    • Should someone under this program elect to receive care within Virginia Mason without an approved referral they are financially responsible should their claim be denied or paid as out-of-network.

    Key Points for the AHN: May select Evergreen, UW, Multicare or Everett Clinic for their provider network.

    • Virginia Mason is out-of-network for this program.
    • Must have insurance approved referrals to receive full benefits.
    • If member elects to self-refer they will have a much greater out-of-pocket expense.