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What Patients Have to Say

“I received great service, my wishes were respected and staff worked very efficiently.” – S.A.

“Excellent, top of the line” services provided by the Transfusion-Free specialty program. – R.C.

“Excellent! We knew it would be good, however, we never imagined how great the personal involvement would be. I was especially pleased and relieved that you had my file in place before I arrived. That gave me confidence and stilled my fear. Another thing that really helped was your knowledge of the case. Sandy Brown and Jerry Fox answered all the questions we had…we were truly impressed and grateful!” – R.B.

The facility and staff were “friendly, informative, very cooperative and respectful of my personal choices. Explanation of options for non-blood management and treatments prior to surgery (was especially helpful). Personal visit by Jarrell Fox was much appreciated.” – R.D.

“My choices were explained to me in terms tht I could understand. I was treated with the utmost consideration, respect and patience when I needed a little extra explanation of choices. This is an organization that shows genuine care for patients and their families.” – E.R.

“Sandy Brown was very patient and thorough in regards to explaining options and making sure I understood. The nurses were completely supportive, helpful and encouraging.” – B.M.