Nutrition Counseling

If you’d like to eat better to live better, Virginia Mason Franciscan Health offers complete nutrition care services and education. At our outpatient nutrition education centers in Tacoma and Bremerton, our certified registered dietitians work with people throughout the Puget Sound.

Registered dietitians

Our experienced registered dietitians translate nutrition and medicine into everyday practice. Skilled in education and motivation techniques, they teach you new behaviors to help you eat better.

You can receive one-on-one nutrition counseling for chronic conditions and a healthier life. We provide counseling for patients with:

We also promote and support healthy lifestyles through specialized counseling on:

Body composition analysis

Understanding how your body uses food for fuel helps you make healthy food choices. With our personal body composition analysis, you can:

  • Learn how many calories you burn a day
  • Find out your current and optimal body fat percentage
  • Figure out how many calories you need to maintain or lose weight

Outpatient Nutrition Education Centers

Get started on your journey to a healthier life through nutrition. You can make an appointment yourself or through your physician at the following locations:

Before making your appointment, consult your health insurance company about your plan’s coverage for outpatient nutrition education services.

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