Integrative Medicine

At Virginia Mason, we understand the importance of caring for the whole person. And that each individual's path to optimal health is unique. That's why we have partnered with the Bastyr Center for Natural Health to expand our continuum of care by creating the Center for Integrative Medicine.

Integrative medicine offers a balanced, holistic approach to health. It combines the latest breakthroughs in Western medicine with the centuries-old wisdom of natural therapies. We find this approach safe, appropriate, and effective for our patients.

At Virginia Mason's Bainbridge Island and downtown Seattle locations, our caring experts offer natural therapies along with traditional medical approaches. We believe in the interconnection of mind, body and spirit, and our goal is to empower you to be a co-creator of your own wellness.

This approach offers:

  • A wide range of holistic services
  • Expert help navigating the different viewpoints on healing
  • Integration with your other health care in the Virginia Mason system



Dr. Astrid Pujari, the center's medical director, is board-certified in both Internal Medicine and in Integrative Holistic Medicine. Dr. Pujari has extensive experience in integrating nutritional, herbal and mind-body therapies with Western medicine

The Center for Integrative Medicine at Virginia Mason has partnered with the renowned natural health experts at the Bastyr Center to offer a variety of services, including:

  • Diet modification and nutritional therapy
  • Herbal therapy and botanical medicine
  • Mind-body techniques
  • Acupuncture and trigger point therapy
  • Massage
  • Adjunctive and complimentary care for chronic health conditions
  • Functional medicine

Cash or credit card payment for these services is due at the time of treatment. Upon request, we can provide documentation for you to send to your insurance company.

Our Integrative Medicine program is evidence-based and data driven, providing the same quality standards we hold throughout our healthcare system. It is part of our team approach to medicine, and we work together with our other medical experts at Virginia Mason.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (206) 341-1202.