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Are You a Provider?

COHE helps you implement and maintain best practices in work-related injury and illness care

The Center of Occupational Health and Education (COHE) Alliance of Western Washington is here to help you and your staff implement clinical and administrative best practices to get your patients on the path to full recovery and get back to work safely. These benefits include:

  • Access to our Health Services Coordinators who can assist with challenging claims and facilitate communication and discussion with the claim manager, the employer and the injured worker
  • Training in occupational medicine best practices, for both you and your staff, and assistance in implementing them in your practice
  • Financial incentives for implementing and maintaining best practices

Best practices for occupational medicine providers include:

  • Submission of a completed Report of Accident (ROA) in two business days or less
  • Completion of an Activity Prescription Form (APF) on the first office visit and whenever a patient's restrictions change
  • Emphasizing early return to work on modified duty in a capacity that is safe for the injured worker
  • Minimizing the use of opiates
  • Maintaining proactive and ongoing communication with employers, Health Service Coordinators and Claim Managers when an injured worker is on modified duty or time-loss
  • Assessing and documenting a patient's Barriers to Return to Work (BRTW), and developing a plan to overcome identified barriers
  • Adhering to evidenced-based clinical guidelines and documenting reasons for deviations when appropriate

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COHE Best Practice #2

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