Behavioral Health

We are currently accepting internal referrals from Virginia Mason primary care providers only. 

Please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider to talk about whether a referral to our Collaborative Care Model may be useful for you.

What is Collaborative Care?

Our Behavioral Health Department uses a Collaborative Care Model. This model allows patients connected to a primary care provider at Virginia Mason to receive both physical and behavioral health care at a familiar location. This model includes the Primary Care Team, a Behavioral Health Consultant (BHC) and a Consulting Psychiatrist, who collaborate on patient care. Your primary care provider (PCP) will make a referral to Behavioral Health if the model is appropriate for you.

This may include seeing a BHC for brief, solution-focused, skills-based therapeutic intervention.

It may also involve a one-time consultation with a psychiatrist to help you and your PCP decide whether medications or medication changes may be appropriate, and what the best course of treatment is.

The PCP will remain the primary point of contact for the patient and they are able to reach out to the consulting providers if there are questions moving forward.

What if I need longer term therapy or psychiatric medication management?

Patients experiencing chronic or complex issues may benefit from longer term therapy or ongoing medication management with a psychiatric specialist. If this is the case, your PCP can submit a request to a referral agency we partner with.

Behavioral Health Department Collaborative Care Services

  • Psychiatric consultation for diagnosis and treatment recommendations
  • Short-term therapeutic interventions for specific goals
  • Group classes on a variety of behavioral health topics

Our Behavioral Health Department does not provide crisis services, direct long-term follow-up, case management, financial/housing resources, court-mandated assessments, disability evaluations, chemical dependency services or inpatient psychiatric services.

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If you are thinking about harming yourself or others, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

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