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Interpreter Services

Virginia Mason Medical Center provides qualified medical interpreters to all of our limited English proficiency and hearing impaired patients. Our video remote interpreting (VRI) machines can translate 175 languages including American Sign Language (ASL), sign for the hearing impaired. Our Emergency Department has two VRI machines ready to assist with patient translation needs.

Phone Numbers:
Main Line: Please contact clinic location.
Hours of Operation:
Seven days a week: 24 hours, as requested

Ways to communicate

Virginia Mason offers a number of interpreter services for patients.

Video remote interpreting (VRI) machines

Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We have Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) units in the following locations:


Example of a Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) machine

Buck Pavilion - Virginia Mason Medical Center

Patient Relations (Level 1)
Cancer Institute (Level 2)
Gastroenterology Procedural & Clinic (Level 3)
Ophthalmology/Optometry (Level 4)
Radiology (Level 5)
Transplant (Level 7)
Urology (Level 7)
General Internal Medicine (Level 8)

Lindeman Pavilion - Virginia Mason Medical Center

Cardiology (Level 3)
Outpatient Surgery (Level 5)
Orthopedics/Rheumatology (Level 6)
Neuroscience (Level 7)
Gynecology (Level 8)
Otolaryngology/Audiology (Level 10)
Concierge Medicine (Level 11)

Jones Pavilion - Virginia Mason Medical Center

Emergency (Level 7)
CCU (Level 9)
Orthopedics (Level 11)
Level 18

Central Pavilion - Virginia Mason Medical Center

Hospital PACU (Level 6)
Hospital (Level 9)
Hospital (Level 10)
Hospital (Level 12)
Hospital (Level 15)
Hospital (Level 16)
Hospital (Level 17)

Regional Medical Centers and other facilities:

Bainbridge Island
Federal Way
Seattle Administrative Center (Psychiatry Department)
University Village
Bailey-Boushay House

Health Resources Building - Virginia Mason Medical Center

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (Level 2)

In person

Contact your clinic by phone and specify your language preference.

On the phone

We have connections to 75 languages and dialects via phone when you call.

Special needs

To ensure proper delivery and interpreting between medical providers and patients, Virginia Mason Medical  Center recommends that patients do not use family members, friends or children as interpreters. Inform Virginia Mason Medical Center staff members if you need any other services or special requests.