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Your Hospital Stay and Things You Should Know

What to expect

We are here for you, and our focus is to provide you with the appropriate level of care to help you reach your maximum potential. We offer three hours of therapy, five days a week, with additional therapy provided on weekends. Visiting hours are from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week. Here is what you can expect on a typical day at CHI Franciscan Rehabilitation Hospital:


Your nurse will start your day with treatments and medication as needed. Nursing or therapy staff will assist you as needed with bathing, dressing and toileting. Breakfast is served in the dining room. Your meal will consist of your choices from the menu that follow the recommendation from your doctor and dietician. You will have therapy scheduled throughout the day. Your therapy schedule will be written on the communication board in your room each evening for the following day.


Lunch is served in the dining room consisting of your choices from the menu that follow recommendations from your doctor and dietician. Your nurse will administer any treatments and medications as needed. Your therapy sessions will continue into the afternoon. Your schedule can be modified as necessary to include breaks. Your nurse will continue to check on you throughout the day.


Dinner is served in the dining room. Snacks will be available as needed later in the evening. The evening is a good time for family and friends to visit and for you to rest and prepare for the next day of therapy. Your nursing staff will assist you with bathing, changing into night-time attire and getting ready for bed.

All patients of CHI Franciscan Rehabilitation Hospital are expected to join us in one of our dining rooms for each meal. We believe the act of dining in a social setting is an essential aspect of our many rehabilitation programs. We encourage family/caregiver participating during meal times, but due to space limitations in our dining rooms, we respectfully request one-two visitors per meal when capacity requires this restriction. If you are interested in accommodating a larger party, please speak with your case manager to make alternative arrangements in one of our spacious day rooms.

Patients admitted to our brain injury secure unit may be served in the dining room on the unit or another location based on your individual needs. This allows us to maintain a low-stimulation environment crucial for recovery from illness or injury.

The menu is the same for patients, staff, and visitors. The menu is posted daily in the cafe.

What to bring

Items that you may find necessary to have with you during your admission to inpatient rehabilitation include:

  • Comfortable day and night clothes
    • pants/shorts
    • shirts/blouses
    • underwear/socks
    • sweater/outdoor jacket
    • pajamas
    • robe
  • Safe, comfortable shoes
    • shoes that you would typically wear while running errands
    • rubber soles are recommended

Rehabilitation team

CHI Franciscan Rehabilitation Hospital strives to provide its patients with superior functional outcomes. Our results-oriented team conducts comprehensive evaluations to determine each patient’s individualized treatment plan, then delivers the multifaceted program of physical medicine and rehabilitation with care and compassion.

We utilize a dedicated multi-disciplinary treatment team including, but not limited to:

  • Physiatrist (physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor)
  • Consulting physician specialists
  • Rehabilitation nurses to provide 24-hour nursing care
  • Physical therapist to assist with increasing strength and mobility
  • Occupational therapist to assist with increasing everyday living skills
  • Speech language pathologist to help with areas of communication, thinking and reasoning
  • Respiratory therapist
  • Case Manager to assist with discharge planning and community resources
  • Dietitian to provide nutrition education and counseling
  • Chaplain or spiritual support as needed