Touching Hearts, Saving Lives

In health care, early response is key to a healthy outcome. With your help we will take our region to the next level of cardiac care — bridging the time and distance between the first response to a cardiac incident in the community to intervention in the hospital.

Our “Touching Hearts, Saving Lives Initiative” will help improve outcomes through investments in:

  • State-of-the-art LUCAS 2 Chest Compression Systems for use at St. Michael Medical Center, and in our community through designated Fire and EMS teams across the region
  • Pulse Point, a smart phone application that crowd sources CPR-trained citizens to assist nearby victims of sudden cardiac arrest
  • LifePak 15 cardiac monitors for the three EMS Departments that do not have them, standardizing capabilities across the region and ensuring every EMS Department has the ability to transmit vital information to St. Michael Medical Center to support timely life-saving intervention
  • Code Management modules and Code Stat software to enhance real-time data available for patient care decision making and evaluation
  • RQI - Resuscitation Quality Improvement Program. The American Heart Association’s Resuscitation Quality Improvement (RQI) Program is a groundbreaking new approach to maintaining competence in CPR. The RQI Program uses realistic eSimulation patient cases and a mobile Simulation Station for quarterly psychomotor skills activities, to help health care providers retain life-saving CPR skills.

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