How Your Gifts Have Helped Our Community

Contributions to St. Michael Medical Center Foundation have enabled St. Michael Medical Center to maintain its commitment to the highest standards of patient care. As a result of the generosity of our friends in the community.

Complementary therapies

The Foundation provides funding for supplies and ongoing education of staff and volunteers offering a wide array of complementary therapies aimed at enhancing the healing environment of the hospital as well as soothing the spirits of our patients. Therapies include: music, pet visits, aromatherapy, art, hand massages, etc.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU) waiting room

Emergency Services department

In 2004, the hospital unveiled its $13-million expansion of the Emergency Services department in East Bremerton. Foundation contributions supported the equipment needed to outfit the department's trauma bay.

Heart care / open heart surgery

In 2003, the hospital opened its doors to open-heart surgery offering a full spectrum of cardiac services. Foundation contributions supported more than $100,000 in nurse education.

Heart & Vascular Center

The hospital has a state-of-the-art cardiovascular center on the first floor where service can be provided even faster to patients. The Heart & Vascular Center opened in mid-July 2010 and permits the hospital to provide more patients with the best care possible in a setting that is close to their homes, where neighbors are helping neighbors, where the best technology will be readily available, and where the best medical specialists make up a team that will be ready and able to respond to any adult cardiovascular medical need.

Registered Nurse Residency Program

Community support through the Great Nurses for a Great Community is making possible the new RN Residency Program — an 18-week training program for all newly graduated nurses hired at St. Michael Medical Center. The Program provides essential training and support for bringing new nurse graduates into the complex environment of an acute-care medical center.

Oncology patient suites

Four patient rooms have been refurbished with soothing touches and special amenities to create a space of calm for patients with special needs.

Silverdale helipad

Support from Harrison Medical Auxiliary (proceeds from in-hospital gift shops) helped to construct the helipad on the Silverdale campus — aiding the safety and efficiency of airlift transfers.

Pediatric Rehabilitation

Established an endowed fund for the ongoing support of the hospital's Pediatric Rehabilitation to ensure program support, so that kids from all over the region can continue to access rehabilitation services close to home. Ongoing support is also made possible by John L. Scott Realtors and area Starbucks stores.