My First Day

Welcome to Virginia Mason!

Congratulations! We're excited you’re joining our team!

We put this page together to give you everything you need for a successful first day at Virginia Mason.

  • Schedule for orientation (your recruiter will confirm dates and times)
  • What to bring on your first day
  • What to wear at orientation
  • Answers to questions new hires frequently have

On the off-chance we missed something, we encourage you to ask your recruiter. And if you’re unable to attend your scheduled orientation, please contact your recruiter as soon as possible.

We look forward to meeting you at New Hire Orientation!

Action Required Before Orientation Day

At Virginia Mason, our mission is to improve the health and well-being of all the patients we serve – and this includes our team members. All new hires must attend a health screening prior to their first day. View the requirements here.

  1. You will be contacted by our Employee Health team prior to your start date to review your immunization records. If you do not hear from them by Monday before your start date please contact them directly at 206-583-6439.
  2. Send your immunization records before the screening. Click here to view/download detailed instructions for scheduling the screening and sending your immunization records.

Orientation Day

  • New Hire Orientation (NHO)

    For all new team members

    To create a safe onboarding experience for all team members during this time, we are offering a mostly virtual onboarding experience. Your NHO will consist of:

    • An hour-long onsite session with HR on Day 1 (in small groups), followed by
    • Virtual sessions to complete at home, including video presentations and self-guided modules

    Check in 15 minutes before your scheduled HR session time in the HR office, 1100 Olive Way, 5th Floor.

    The agenda and content

    During your onsite and virtual New Hire Orientation sessions, you'll:

    • Be warmly welcomed as we officially kick off our day.
    • Get your official Virginia Mason headshot and badge.
    • Learn about our vision for transforming health care.
    • Start getting to know our organization and culture.
    • Hear about the awesome benefits we offer.
    • See what you need to do to set up direct deposit and your W4 tax withholding status the following week.
    • Soak up tips and tricks for navigating your career here.

    Getting here

    Virginia Mason Human Resources
    Seattle Administrative Center (Metro)
    HR, 5th Floor, Suite 534
    1100 Olive Way, 5th Floor (Met Park West building, main lobby is on Minor Ave.)
    Seattle, WA 98101

    Typically, we encourage the use of public transportation, although we understand you may want to drive at this time. If you choose to drive, parking is available in the Metro Park East parking garage, across Minor Ave. from our building. We will validate parking only on Day 1.

  • General Hospital Orientation (GHO)

    For specific hospital patient-facing roles: Inpatient RN, PCT (CNA)/ED Tech, OR/PACU RN, Procedural RN

    Starts Monday following New Hire Orientation.

    The schedule

    We’ll give you a hard copy at New Hire Orientation.

    Getting here

    Seattle Main Campus or Met Park West – see your schedule for location details.

  • General Ambulatory Orientation (GAO)

    For specific ambulatory patient-facing roles: Outpatient RN, Medical Assistant, Clinic Service Representative, Medical Assistant Registered

    Starts Monday following New Hire Orientation.

    The schedule

    We’ll give you a hard copy at New Hire Orientation.


    Seattle Main Campus or Met Park West – see your schedule for location details.

What to Bring on Your First Day

Identification documents are required for Virginia Mason to verify your identity and work eligibility on Day 1.

  • Click here to see the list of acceptable identification documents. A social security card and driver's license are the most common forms of documentation.
  • You already completed the Form I-9 Section 1 electronically. It will be reviewed with your identification documents on Day 1. Corrections/updates can be made then.
  • To review the I-9 instructions in more detail, click here.

What to Wear at Orientation

Virginia Mason is committed to providing the safest possible environment for our team members and patients. We're modifying your New Hire Orientation (NHO) to comply with social distancing guidelines and masks are required. You may bring and wear your own mask, as long as it meets our Work Appearance Standards noted below.

At Virginia Mason, our patients and their families expect and deserve the very best health care. The way we look helps them know, feel and believe they've come to the right place. That's why it's important to project a professional image. New Hire Orientation is paid work time, so we ask that you dress as you would for a day at work.

Dress in business casual attire (e.g., no shorts, flip flops or hats.) Jeans are fine as long as they fit appropriately and are not ripped, frayed or disheveled. Take a look at Virginia Mason's Work Appearance Standards to see what's appropriate.

If you're in a hospital or clinical role, see our Apparel Program ordering information and Apparel Program guidelines for what to wear after orientation and classroom training. Until you get your Virginia Mason-branded apparel from our vendor, please wear solid, neutral-colored scrubs (such as gray or navy blue) without designs or other logos while working or training in the clinic/unit. Your hiring manager can also answer questions about what to wear after orientation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I'm late?
If you encounter traffic or delays on public transportation, please contact HR Shared Services at 206-223-6757 as soon as possible. We recommend carving out a bit of extra time to get to the orientation early.

Where do I park?
We encourage the use of public transportation. However, if you choose to drive, we will validate parking only on Day 1 in the Met Park East parking garage. The entrance is on Minor Ave., across the street from the Met Park West building. Bring your parking ticket with you for validation during orientation.

Please make arrangements for transportation/parking for the remainder of your onboarding beyond Day 1.

We cannot validate parking for the Met Park North garage, as it is operated by a different company.

What do I have to do before my first day?
Not much! You completed most (or all) of your onboarding paperwork before orientation, so just make sure you bring your identification documents and personal health records with you on your first day. New Hire Orientation is focused on helping you understand Virginia Mason's mission and vision, bring to life our culture now that you're a team member and give you a high-level overview of our organization. No need for lots of research ahead of time, we've worked hard to curate an inspiring first day that answers most the questions you have!

How long will I stay for my first day?
New Hire Orientation is both onsite on Day 1 and virtual. Your recruiter will confirm your start date and HR session time, which will last approximately 1 hour. You̠ll be paid for 8 hours to complete your onsite session and your remaining virtual sessions afterwards from home. If you need flexibility, we'll try to accommodate – please reach out to HR Shared Services at 206-223-6757 to coordinate.

Can I request an ADA accommodation?
Absolutely! Contact your recruiter as soon as possible so we can get what you need in place before orientation.

What is my work schedule?
Contact your hiring manager if you haven't been notified of your work schedule or where you need to be after your orientation day(s).

What do I wear after orientation?
If you̠re not in a hospital or clinical role, your attire should be business casual. Check out the Work Appearance Standards for guidelines.

If you are in a hospital or clinical role, see the Apparel Program ordering information and Apparel Program guidelines. You̠ll get an annual apparel allotment and will receive instructions on placing an order through our vendor, SmartScrubs. Until you get your Virginia Mason-branded apparel from SmartScrubs, please wear solid, neutral-colored scrubs (such as gray or navy blue) without designs or other logos while working or training in the clinic/unit.

What if I have questions about my offer letter?
Please contact your recruiter as soon as possible.

What if there is snow or severe weather on orientation day
For New Hire Orientation, General Hospital Orientation and General Ambulatory For New Hire Orientation, General Hospital Orientation and General Ambulatory Orientation only: In the case of snow or severe weather, the status of in-person classes may be canceled/rescheduled. We will follow King County Metro̠s bus service. If we experience inclement weather in our area please monitor the King County Metro website to determine if your class is impacted. If downtown Seattle is listed as:

Green or Yellow

  • Classes will be offered as scheduled

Red or Blue

  • Classes are canceled

In the event a class is canceled we will reach out to you to reschedule you for another date/time. If we encounter severe weather during a scheduled class and Metro updates their website, classes may be dismissed early.

Please note this applies only to New Hire Orientation, General Hospital Orientation and General Ambulatory Orientation, not the rest of Virginia Mason Medical Center, which has a separate inclement weather policy.

What if I have questions about my benefits?
Our friendly folks at HR Shared Services (Virginia Mason's 411 for HR questions) would be happy to answer them. Please reach out to them at [email protected] or 206-223-6757. You'll also learn about your benefits at New Hire Orientation and can ask questions then, too.

Who do I contact with questions?
We love questions! Please contact ...

  • Your recruiter if you have questions about your offer letter, your availability to attend New Hire Orientation, your eligibility for benefits or your need an ADA accommodation.
  • Your hiring manager if you have questions about your schedule outside of orientation, your work location or what you should wear after orientation.
  • HR Shared Services if you have questions about benefits in general. You can reach them at [email protected] or 206-223-6757.

We look forward to having you join us!